The histroy of RCMAG

The histroy of RCMAG


The histroy of RCMAG

Hangzhou Rongchang Magnet Co., Ltd. started to manufacture Alnico magnet in 2003. The main grade is Alnico2, Alnico3, Alnico5, and Alnico6.

The grade was enlarged to Alnico8 and done for bulk in 2005.

The grade was promoted to Alnico9 and done for bulk in 2008.

Hangzhou Rongjia Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The producing facility of NdFeB magnet is 1000 tons.

Hangzhou Zishan Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. Then we had the right to import and export goods. Meanwhile, our suboffice was built in Dongguan.

Zhejiang Rongxin Magnet Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 who can provide NdFeB magnet and Alnico magnet.